Land Use, Zoning and Property Rights

Land use laws and regulations govern the way that land can be used in any given area. These laws are usually maintained by local governments and by municipal codes and may impact a church’s operations at a certain location. Examples of a few issues that periodically arise include traffic and parking concerns, prohibition of any form of childcare on the property, public safety concerns, issues with water or sewer supplies, or the demand for dedicated commercial space.

Zoning is the term used for designating permitted uses of certain parcels of land by local governments. Government officials sometimes update zoning laws to encourage new development and growth. Churches, camps and non-profit ministries may find themselves in conflict with the zoning rules during expansion or otherwise.

Nicholson Law Firm will assist you in navigating the complex local zoning and land use ordinances of state and local government, including the relevant real estate and real property laws. We will help you obtain permits as necessary and represent you in any zoning or land use cases that may arise. As part of our church and nonprofit law services, Nicholson Law Firm can provide expert guidance regarding land use, zoning and property rights.

Nicholson Law Firm has provided church and nonprofit law services to many organizations in need of general counsel, mediation and arbitration, formation and incorporation, governance and bylaws, insurance, land use, legal audits, and tax exemption. These services have been provided to churches, religious camps, para-religious nonprofits, private independent schools, and nonprofits focused on youth, veterans, and those in need of food, clothing and shelter. Our law firm provides church, faith-based organization and nonprofit law services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.


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