Nonprofit organizations and churches play a critical role in building healthy, happy communities. America’s nonprofit sector works diligently to feed, heal, educate, inspire and bring together people of every age, race, gender and background. Regulated by state, local and federal law, nonprofit organizations, charities and churches are exempt from paying income tax. Since there is a significant amount of documentation needed to operate a nonprofit organization successfully and legally, engaging an experienced legal team is crucial.

Nicholson Law Firm has provided church and nonprofit law services to many organizations in need of general counsel, mediation and arbitration, formation and incorporation, governance and bylaws, insurance, land use, legal audits, and tax exemption. These services have been provided to churches, religious camps, para-religious nonprofits, private independent schools, and nonprofits focused on youth, veterans, and those in need of food, clothing, and shelter. Our experienced managing attorney and legal team can assist with the many unique legal needs of your organization, including:

General Counsel

Nicholson Law Firm is experienced in serving churches, faith-based organizations and nonprofit corporations of every size and shape.  We focus on managing your legal needs so you can focus on pursuing your mission, growing your ministry, and serving your community. In a general counsel role, we remain available to you when any legal question develops that needs an answer.

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Christian Mediation and Arbitration

We can help resolve disputes outside of the secular court system by providing a Christian mediator or arbitrator to resolve disputes within a Biblical framework. All manner of disputes are resolved through Christian conciliation principles to promote justice, mercy, and unity.

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Formation and Incorporation

Nicholson Law Firm will help you launch your mission by assisting you in the creation of necessary legal documents. Many issues require careful attention, including liability protection, purpose statements, and compliance with government mandates to properly form your entity. We will guide you through the entire process including selecting a name, filing for the certificate of formation, drafting bylaws, applying for an Employee Identification Number, and more.

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Governance and Bylaws

Bylaws are the internal operating rules for your nonprofit organization. The bylaws set out the framework for how the organization will conduct its operations. The drafting of bylaws is an important task and, therefore, should not be done without the assistance of legal counsel. The experienced lawyers at Nicholson Law Firm are well-versed in drafting nonprofit bylaws.

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Proper insurance coverage is vital to protecting the people and assets that help your nonprofit organization or church fulfill its mission and operate with success. Securing the right insurance coverage is a crucial first step in forming your nonprofit organization or church. Nicholson Law Firm can help guide you through the recommended insurance coverage as part of our church and nonprofit law services.

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Land Use, Zoning and Property Rights

Zoning is the term used for designating permitted uses of certain parcels of land by local governments. Land use laws and regulations govern the way that land can be used in any given area and these laws are usually maintained by local governments and by municipal codes. Nicholson Law Firm will assist you in navigating the complex local zoning and land use ordinances of state and local government, including the relevant real estate and real property laws. We will help you obtain permits as necessary and represent you in any zoning or land use cases that may arise.

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Legal Audits

Nicholson Law Firm legal audit services include evaluation and analysis of corporate formation documents, bylaws, policies, procedures, regulations and plans. We will review major legal issues to ensure your legal house is tidy. Our experience includes church and nonprofit law, governance, insurance, tax exemption, land use, personal injury, business and contract litigation and more so that we can provide a robust portfolio of legal expertise to support your legal audit needs.

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Risk Management to Prevent Abuse

Nothing is more important than protecting the children entrusted to the care of your ministry. Risk mitigation is an integral piece of any church protection program and it is critical that leadership learn how to prevent abuse and protect children. Nicholson Law Firm will help you develop protocol for handling cases of suspected abuse, including how to train your staff about mandatory reporting requirements for any suspected child abuse. We can also help you develop policies and procedures regarding abuse prevention for all employees and volunteers to follow.

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Tax Exemption

Churches and nonprofit organizations may risk their tax exemption with certain conduct. Nicholson Law Firm will help you navigate these risks to maintain your tax exemption privileges.

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