General Counsel

Nicholson Law Firm is experienced in serving churches, faith-based organizations and nonprofit corporations of every size and shape. We focus on managing your legal needs so you can focus on pursuing your mission, growing your ministry, and serving your community. In a general counsel role, we remain available to you when any legal question develops that needs an answer.

As a trusted legal team, our job is to interpret the law and provide you with expert guidance related to your church, religious camp, private school, charity, foundation and nonprofit corporation. Depending on your unique needs, this may include:

  • providing advocacy on matters of public policy
  • evaluating your legal obligations
  • appraising offered services to ensure they remain compliant with relevant regulations
  • studying active litigations
  • reviewing governance documents as well as regulatory and tax filings
  • assessing leases and other contracts
  • examining employment actions and human resource history
  • conducting a policy review
  • establishing proper document retention procedures
  • identifying any other relevant matters which should be reviewed

Nicholson Law Firm has provided church and nonprofit law services to many organizations in need of general counsel, mediation and arbitration, formation and incorporation, governance and bylaws, insurance, land use, legal audits, and tax exemption. These services have been provided to churches, religious camps, para-religious nonprofits, private independent schools, and nonprofits focused on youth, veterans, and those in need of food, clothing and shelter. Our law firm provides church, faith-based organization and nonprofit law services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.


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