A person may petition the probate court for guardianship over another person when the petitioner can prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the proposed ward is unable to provide for basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, health care, safety, and/or is unable to manage financial affairs. The petitioner must be able to prove that the proposed ward is incapable of making an informed choice not to provide for these needs, and must also prove that the proposed ward will or has come to substantial harm as a result of the incapacity. Finally, the petitioner must be able to prove that there are no other available solutions that would impose fewer restrictions on the proposed ward.

Nicholson Law Firm, PLLC has extensive experience in representing proposed wards, petitioners, and other interested parties involved in a guardianship proceeding. The process involves a court hearing where evidence must be presented to the court to prove the required standard for guardianship. Please contact us for information about our guardianship services.

You can also find very helpful information about the guardianship process through the New Hampshire Judicial Branch website.


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