Dealing with the aftermath of a traffic accident can be painful and frustrating. If you were injured in a traffic accident and are not at fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Recoverable damages include medical costs, lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, physical impairment, disfigurement, permanent injury, physical pain, property damage, and other suffering. Because these types of accidents can have complex liability laws, retaining legal counsel as soon as possible is critical.

At Nicholson Law Firm, we can help you to determine how the accident occurred, who should be held liable, help you calculate your damages, and pursue recovery for your losses and damages.

Our experienced managing attorney and legal team can assist with any traffic accidents, including:

Bicycle Accidents

Motor vehicles pose a tremendous hazard to bicyclists. With the addition of impaired or distracted driving, the potential for serious injury increases substantially. Since the majority of cyclists are only wearing a helmet, severe injuries to the brain, spine, limbs and, potentially, a loss of life can occur.

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Boat Accidents

Recreational boating accidents can occur in a number of vessels including sailboats, fishing boats, canoes, yachts, motorboats, charter vessels, and personal watercraft, including jet skis. Recreational boating accidents can be caused by a variety of issues, including speeding, drunk or impaired driving, defective or missing equipment, operator inexperience or negligence, or collisions with other vessels or stationery objects such as rocks, docks or piers. Injuries from recreational watercraft can be catastrophic.

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Car Accidents

A car accident is a serious event that can be scary, confusing and frustrating. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of death for children, teens, and young adults (ages 5 through 34) are motor vehicle accidents. Fatal crashes occur every year. Impaired driving, speeding and distraction continue to be the top contributing factors to crashes and fatalities.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riding is fun, cost-efficient, and provides a fulfilling leisure activity. Sadly, many tragic motorcycle accidents occur when other drivers fail to pay attention to the traffic around them. Unfortunately, drivers neglect to look for motorcyclists the same way they watch out for other vehicles. Because motorcycles lack the protection of cars, accidents tend to be more severe for motorcyclists when a collision does occur. In fact, bikers are 27 times more likely to experience a fatal accident than car drivers. Unfortunately, insurance companies also frequently stereotype bikers as being reckless simply for riding a motorcycle.

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Snowmobile or ATV Accidents

Snowmobiles, ATVs, and four-wheelers are a way of life in New England. They are used for work, play and even survival. Unfortunately, many accidents are reported every year in New Hampshire and injuries can be devastating, life-threatening and, in some cases, fatal. Snowmobile, ATV and four-wheeler accident injuries can range from a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury to broken bones and drowning. The cause of such accidents can result from rider inexperience, intoxication, carrying too many passengers, or negligence on the part of the driver or other vehicles on the roadway.

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Tractor Trailer Accidents

A tractor trailer is a combination of the tractor, which contains the cab where the driver sits and pulls the load. The trailer (or several trailers) houses the cargo and gets pulled by the tractor. These trucks are also known as semi-trailers or semis. Tractor trailers can weigh 80,000 pounds. Drivers are often exhausted and overworked, leading to driving errors and bad judgment. Loads can also fall off trucks because of improper securing.

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Truck Accidents

The force of being struck by a heavy truck is overwhelming. This type of motorized vehicle includes 18-wheelers, buses, commercial vehicles, concrete trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, delivery trucks, logging trucks, fuel tankers, moving vans, tow trucks and construction vehicles. Due to the nature of heavy trucks, drivers are required to complete special training for licenses and certifications. The drivers are required to carefully manage these large and oversized vehicles to prevent accidents with other motorists or pedestrians. Sometimes, these drivers lack proper training, proper equipment, fail to obey traffic laws, or are driving distracted. When that happens, dangerous collisions occur.

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Nicholson Law Firm has a long history of supporting clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont for all types of traffic accidents, including bicycle accidents, car accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, snowmobile or ATV accidents, tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, and other motorized vehicle accidents. Based on your free case evaluation, we will pursue the compensation you deserve. Our trusted and experienced legal team will be with you every step of the way.


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