Christian Mediation and Arbitration

Avoiding court is the best option. Nicholson Law Firm can help resolve disputes outside of the secular court system by providing a Christian mediator or arbitrator to resolve disputes within a Biblical framework. All manner of disputes are resolved through Christian conciliation principles to promote justice, mercy, and unity.

This approach to a legal dispute can be both spiritually healing and cost-effective. For this reason, we offer Christian Mediation and Arbitration services not only for churches and faith-based organizations, but for any client who desires to resolve a legal or financial issue through Scriptural principles and spiritual healing. At Nicholson Law Firm, we are dedicated to offer Christian Mediation and Arbitration throughout all the New England states.

Nicholson Law Firm has provided church and nonprofit law services to many organizations in need of general counsel, mediation and arbitration, formation and incorporation, governance and bylaws, insurance, land use, legal audits, and tax exemption. These services have been provided to churches, religious camps, para-religious nonprofits, private independent schools, and nonprofits focused on youth, veterans, and those in need of food, clothing and shelter. Our law firm provides church, faith-based organization and nonprofit law services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.


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