Business and Contract Litigation

Operating a business involves an inherent risk of litigation and if a dispute arises, you will need to develop a legal strategy to support your company’s long-term health. Most often, business and contract litigation litigations are the result of breach of contract, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, employment disputes, or customer disputes. Nicholson Law Firm has extensive experience with business and contract litigation, including breach of contract, non-competition agreement, partnership dispute, intellectual property disputes, trademark and copyright infringement, construction defects, unfair practices, and deceptive practices.

If a business does not fulfill the requirements of a signed agreement, a breach of contract has occurred, and legal action can be taken. Examples of a breach of contract include project delays, financial problems, and personality conflicts. Possible remedies for a breach of contract could include damages, specific performance, or restitution. If you have been named in a breach of contract lawsuit or your company is victim to a breach of contract, legal representation is the next critical step to protect yourself and your business.

Your civil litigation attorney should understand the facts of your case, the law, the court system, and your goals. Our goal is to limit the uncertainty, explain the risks, and mitigate your sleeplessness – for a fair price. At Nicholson Law Firm, we use our legal training and experience to help you alleviate your stress and help you through the legal complexities of civil litigation. Your problem is our problem, and we will walk with you through every step of the way. Our trusted legal team will work with you to determine the facts and how to proceed toward the best outcome.


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